Wenzel klondike tent 8 person review

Again here come those amazing tents which can provide you a very spacious room for 8 people. So if you are looking for a spacious tent then Wenzel klondike tent 8 person review is for you.

Wenzel klondike tent positive facts:

Wenzel’s Klondike tent 8 person is just one of those blessings. This tent is very spacious and it is cabin system. The tent is not totally domed like. The inner part is cabin system. So, as a natural way the inner part in high. In cabin system tents the cabins are high. So no person has to duck down while entering. This is a very beneficial fact. In high cabin system tents the downfall is it has problems with winds. Tall tents can e blew up by too strong winds.  Taller tents have to struggle a lot for facing the wind. So, if you are planning to go for any windy area then this one is not for you.

The tent is 90 square feet in size. You can easily guess how much space it has. 8 people can easily stay here. It can become more spacious if you use floor mattress instead of airbeds. The more spacious the tent is the more comfortable you’ll feel. The tent also provides a sizeable entry area. This kind of dry area helps to provide extra comfort to you. The screened area also separates the cabin. So it has a kind of extra privacy too. It has also a zipped door. This zipped door helps to separate the cabin from the screened area. The tent also ensures enough amounts of light and wind for the travelers. It has two windows with a door. This facility provides the proper ventilation to its inhabitants.

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It has many handy features. It can be set up very easily. Spacious tent like this generally takes a long time to be organized but thus tent takes only 20 minutes. Two people can easily set it up. But it can easily be set up by one person too.  it has other benefits too! The tent has a very unique way of giving instruction. The instruction is sewed in the carry bag. As a result, you can never lose it. It also takes a very less time to dissemble it and pack it. Its really a very easy task. This tent has a good balancing capacity. It balances the value of the porch area and the cabin area very well. The porch area can easily be used for storage. Your dirty clothes, wet boots can easily be stored here. As a result, the cabin area remains perfectly dust free.

The bad sides of the tent

Nothing in this world can be free from negative aspects. Everything has its positive as well as negative sides. These tents pins are not so strong. The pins which hold the tent with the land, it often loosens away. Without the blow of any strong wind, the pins can be loose. So this is a shortcoming of this tent. To avoid such issues you can easily by strong metal pins from other bands. Pins from Coleman are really good. So you can try for the option.

Leakage problem in constant rain

The tent is weather proof. It is specially made to protect you from harsh weather. No matter whatever it is, it can be rain or it can be extremely hot; the tent will always protect you. The problem arrives in the constant rain. When it rains constantly there may be a problem of leakage. In a constant rainy weather, the water can easily prevail in the tent.

Another shortcoming is it’s dark color, the tent is extremely gorgeous. The blue colour makes it look really amazing. The problem is this color can easily trap sunlight. As a result, one can feel hot inside the tent.

There is also another issue. The makers didn’t keep any hole to access electrical cords. This one is not so expected. The electrical cords have to bring through the main door. This makes the tenants feel uncomfortable.

Wenzel klondike tent Pros:

  • It is spacious.8 person can easily live here and they won’t even feel uncomfortable.
  • The tent has a bathtub style screen porch which is a good side.
  • It is high in length. So you don’t have to bend down while entering.
  • The screen porch area can be easily used as a store room.
  • The screen porch area helps to keep the dust away from the cabins.
  • The tent is well ventilated. It has no scarcity of light and wind flow.
  • The instructions are very creatively sewed in the tent.
  • The tent takes very little time to set up as well as sum up.
  • Only one or two person can very easily set it up.
  • The price is reasonable

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Wenzel klondike tent Cons:

  • The pins can be easily loosened.
  • In constant rain there can be leakage.
  • It has no whole to access the electrical cord.
  • Its darker fly can easily make it hot.

Price: Wenzel klondike tent price is not so high. Rather you can buy this amazing tent in a very reasonable price. It costs only $183.99 Usd.

Conclusion: this tent is a quality product. No product is free from shortcomings. This tent has also it’s shortcomings but apart from the negative sides it is a really good one. You’ll be benefited by this Wenzel klondike tent. It is extremely durable and good product. So if you are looking for a tent which can help you to comfortably stay with your large group then go for it.

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