Danchel Cotton Bell Tent for Two Stove Jacket

Are you looking for an amazing clamping experience? Then you have come to the right place. The Danchel Cotton Bell tent is an amazing option for you. it comes in two sizes, 4 meters and 5 meters. It keeps you bug free as it has a mesh wall and you can easily fold the walls for better ventilation. Alongside with this, it also provides a zip in groundsheet. Yo can also zip out it. The most beneficial fact is it provides two fire stove holes. This is really great. Comparative to other luxurious tents it is also not that much pricy. So let’s take a dig in it.

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent
Danchel Cotton Bell Tent

Good sides of Danchel Cotton Bell Tent

The very first advantage of using the tent is it is completely waterproof. The tent is made with very good quality fabric. It also needs no seasoning. Not a single drop of water can pass through the tent. So you can guess how amazing it would be to watch the rain by sitting inside the tent. You don’t even have to be worried about getting any leakage.

 The tent also has many spaces inside it. The 5 meter sized tent is extra spacious but the 4 meter r one is also not so small. Rather it’s amazingly spacious than other tents. It can easily accommodate an average sized family. Some camper bds can very easily fit in the tent. You don’t even fell stuffy.

 The tent provides a mesh. You can stay bug free. You can also fold up the walls of the tent.

The negative sides Danchel Cotton Bell Tent

No product is free from lacking. So does the tent. It has some lacking. The first one is setting up the tent is not so easy. It takes a bit long time to set it up. Also the instruction for setting it up is not so clear. As a result, it takes a long procedure.

 The zipper sometimes may be a bit loose or small from the other side. That is another issue of this tent.

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent Pros

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent
Danchel Cotton Bell Tent
  • It is spacious enough for an average sized family.
  • The tent keeps you bug free.
  • It is an extraordinary tent as it keeps you free from any lind of leakage.
  • Compared to its price, the quality is really amazing.
  • It provides two stove holes.

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent Cons

  • The instruction is not so clear.
  • Setting up a bit time consuming.
  •  The wall side zipper can be loosen up

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent Price: you can easily find this tent at Amazon.

Conclusion: To sum it up, we can just say that within this price, finding such a waterproof tent is really tough. The protection Danchel Cotton Bell Tent gives you from leakage is really admirable. So you can go for this luxury camping tents for your next trip

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