Coleman weather master 6 person tent review

Coleman weather master 6 person tent is another addition of Coleman. Coleman weather master tent is totally perfect for 6 people. It is an attractive tent alongside with many facilities. As expectedly like other Coleman tents this tent also easily accommodates 2 king-size air beds. So you can guess how spacious the tent is. This tent literally provides a very comfortable and spacious sleeping space. This is really very important. It also provides a bug free lounge. Bugs are too irritating and a bug free lounge is a must. Coleman weather master 6 person tent has many amazing facilities for you. let’s take a look on it’s good and bad sides.

Coleman weather master 6 person tent

 The good sides:

Coleman weather master 6 person tent is not dome styles rather it is kind of cabin system. Such kind of tent is really comfortable. It’s main room has comparatively high wall than other tents. This kind of high wall is much needed. It provides extra space and comfort. A family tent needs space and this feature of Coleman makes it an amazing family tent.

Coleman weather master 6 person tent’s Weather tech feature:

The tent has weather tech feature. As a result, the tent is always dry no matter what the situation is. In extreme weathers, in stormy season the tent also keeps you dry and comfortable. There is no chance of water leakage in this tent. It has welded floor as well as inverted seem. It has other water proof features like wind proof frames as well as water proof floor. So, all of these features always keep the tent free from all kind of weather hazards. This tent is weather proof and you can stay tension free in it.

Coleman weather master 6 person tent reviewsYou will be Surprise to know that this tent has another version. The tent provides all kinds of luxury. As a result it is known as “elite version”. The elite version provides build- in LED lights. Alongside with LED lights it also provides window rollers. These two features make te elite version different from the normal one. By using these two features one can easily upgrade their tent. The tent is really fascinating.

Apart from these two features, the tent is almost like the normal one. It has a totally separated bedroom which is separated from the screen porch. The screen porch works as extra space and the bedroom is covered with zipper system. So you can easily assume that this bedroom has full privacy from the screen porch. In one word it works as a private bed room.

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The tent has a carry bag. The bag can be extended. You can use it whenever you want to rap up the tent. It won’t take a lot of space. So it doesn’t consume a lot of space.  The tent is totally perfect for families of medium size. Anywhere you can go by your car you can take the tent. Just set it up and enjoy your holiday in the tent.

The tent is known as super strong. It is also known as robust. The tent is made by extremely good quality fabric. This fabric, fiberglass material makes it so strong that it can’t be damaged so easily. You can use this for a long period of time.

Thick Bathtub floor is a plus point:

The thick bathtub floor is really important. The tent allows you to take your pet along with you. Pets have very sharp claws.  They can easily reap the flooring. So you have to be very cautious about it. The blessed fact is, this tent provides really secured flooring. Your pet claws won’t be able to tear it apart. So taking your pet in your camping would be much easier. It has a separate screen room. This is really good. Such kind of separate screen rooms help you to stay protected from bugs. So this tent helps you to get some extra facilities.

The bad sides:

The tent has some negative sides. In the screened area it has no floor. As a result, the screened area. As a result, in rainy season the floor can become wet as well as bugs can enter. So be careful about it.

Another leakage problem is the tent’s screen area can leak even in the moderate rains. The rain leakage also comes through the bottom of the window. At the bottom of the window there are toggles which attaches. Sometimes the rain water comes into the bedroom through a leakage from there. So it is really troublesome. Though it is known as waterproof but these qualities don’t justify it as a waterproof tent.

There is another surprising down flaw. This is not so welcoming. The tents metal stakes are a bit fragile. The metal stakes often tends to bend. As a result, the tent may collapse. So this is not a good quality of a well branded tent.


  • The tent is spacious enough. It is good enough for medium sized family.
  • It can be easily set up. It takes only some minutes.
  • The tent is made with such fabrics which make it strong as well as durable.
  • It his pet friendly. The pets can’t tear the tents bottom with their sharp claws.
  • It provides a privacy in the bedroom as the bedroom is locked with zipper.
  • It comes with a carry bag.
  • The elite class tent provides the benefits of LED light.


  • The metal stake may often bend down. So it can be called fragile in that sense.
  • It’s not weatherproof truly. The screen porch area sometimes faces leakage.
  • The screened area has no flooring so it can be wet in rainy season.
  • The screen porch is not bug free.

Price: the price is medium ranged. It’s cost is $187.89 Usd. You can easily find it in Amazon.

Coleman weather master 6 person tent review

Conclusion: Coleman weather master 6 person tent is a perfect buy for family camping. It was enough space. Alongside with space it also providing privacy. The leakage issue may trouble you built it’s a common fact with these kind of tents. So it can be not so bad deal for you. You can buy it if you don’t travel so much in rainy seasons.

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