Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tent for 6-4 person

Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tent for 6 person

Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tent is another dynamic collection of Coleman brand. The Coleman Evanstoned Screen Tent is a perfect solution for 6-8 person family. This tent is really spacious with many interesting facilities to make your adventurous holidays more fascinating.  Holidays camping and tours are for relaxation. Such tours make one’s mind refreshing and works as a fuel to stay tension free. If in such relaxing days you have to tense about your tents shortcomings then it’s a great unfortunate fact. So choose your tent wisely. Here we came with another great solution of your tension. The solution is Coleman Evanstoned Screen Tent.

The tent is spacious. It’s perfect for eight men to stay here comfortably. You can easily keep two kings size air- beds in it and even it won’t feel to you that space has been limited. It gives you bug-free protection. The tent has a separate screen room which is known as a bug-free lounge. The most surprising fact is though it’s a dome-shaped tent but not all of the part of this tent is a dome. The screen part is very interesting. It’s not in the shape of a dome. It also has very good quality weather tech system. It keeps the tent good in all the weathers.

 So if you have a large group and if you are in a search of good quality tent then this can be a good option. Of course it has many positive sides and negatives parts. Let’s scrutinize each of the facts to make it more clearly to you.

The good sides of Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tents

The tent is easy to set up. It takes really very short time to set it up. Generally tent set-up is a hazardous work. Most of the tents take too much time to set and many people get really disturbed by the fact. The fortunate fact is, setting up this tent is super easy as it takes not more than 15 minutes. It enhances the excitement of your tour to a new degree. You have no worry about setting up your tent. Just invest 15 minutes and your tent is ready. This is also easy for couples who go for tour with their children’s. Taking care of kids while setting up tent is extremely hard. This tent helps you to avoid such issues.

 The tent provides an extra carry bag. So you can easily pack it and this also takes a very little space. It provides a “Bug free” protection. Bugs are extremely irritating. While choosing a tent you must think about it.  Those bug bites won’t be so enjoyable during your camping. So always try to choose a tent which provides you protection from bugs.

The tent allows you to take your pet along with you. Pets have very sharp claws.  They can easily reap the flooring. So you have to be very cautious about it. The blessed fact is, this tent provides really secured flooring. Your pet claws won’t be able to tear it apart. So taking your pet in your camping would be much easier. It has a separate screen room. This is really good. Such kind of separate screen rooms help you to stay protected from bugs. The screen room also provides a separated bedroom area. The material of the tent is extremely strong and durable.

The weathertech system is appreciateble. This system provides welded floors. This floor is really helpful. It helps to keep the tent dry in all-weather. The weather tech system provides enough amount of wind flow inside the tent. It has inverted seem, waterproof floors as well as wind proof frame. So you can easily guess how much useful is it. It’s weathercoting system will keep you dry and secure in all weathers.

The Bad sides Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tents

There is a flaw of this tent. It is a bit irritating also. The tent lacks a very crucial part. It has a design flow which is the tent lacks a dedicated electrical access point. It has no electrical access point. As a result, one has to bring the wires from the front part of the tent. This may make you feel disturbed.

It also has some issues regarding with condensation. In the extreme weather, the tent can keep you completely dry. The ventilation is not so pro to deal with extremely hard weathers. The corners of sleeping areas as a result get wet.  So this is a shortcoming too.

Coleman Evanstoned screen tent provides built in floor screen porch

The built in flor screen porch is there to keep the tent dry and clean. It is really meant for a good reason. The fact is in extreme weathers the tent can get wet. So this feature is actually not that much worthy.

Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tent Pros:

  • It takes only 15 minutes to set the tent up.
  • The tent is pet friendly.
  • It is a perfect solution for 6- 10 members.
  • It is bug free. It will keep you protected from the bugs.
  • It has a separated screen room.
  • The material is strong as well as durable.
  • It provides a carry bag.

Coleman Evanstoned screen Camping tent Cons:

  • It can’t keep you dry in extreme weather.
  •  It has no electrical access point.
  • It is a bit costly.
  • There is a condensation issue in the rainy days.

Price: Check the price from amazon. You can easily get it in Amazon or any well knowned store.

Conclusion: this tent is really good for family camping. It has many good features. If the condensation issue bothers you then you have to know that this is a common problem with this kind of tents. So if this is okay with then go for it. It would be undoubtedly a great buy.

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